3 Black-And-White Carpet Designs

15 February 2023
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While a lot of people look for carpet for their homes in bright, colorful hues, others favor the simple look of black and white. If you decorate a certain room in your home in these two shades, you may feel that black and white carpet is the perfect choice for the space. Visit a carpet retailer in your area to begin browsing its products. Lots of carpet stores carry a wide range of black and white carpets, allowing you to find the look that will work well in your room. Here are three popular black-and-white designs that you'll likely come across.


Striped carpet is often a stylish choice, and while carpet stores carry striped designs in all sorts of colors, you can commonly expect to find at least one black-and-white striped carpet to consider for your home. Depending on the look of the room, you may want black and white striped carpet that has a balanced look — in other words, stripes that are equal widths. For a different look, consider a carpet that has stripes that vary in width. For example, the carpet may have a pattern of thick white stripes and thin black stripes.


A black and white checkerboard floor is a classic look that can work well in several rooms of a home. While some people create this floor by installing black and white floor tiles in a specific pattern, there are other options available. It's easy to find black and white checkerboard carpet on the market. If you're able to see samples of a few of these products, you'll commonly find that the checkerboard squares can vary in size. You might like a smaller checkerboard pattern for a small room or a larger pattern for a big room.


There are all sorts of geometric carpets available at your local store, including many that solely feature black and white. Geometric is a loose term that means the carpet features one or more shapes, and geometric carpets can vary significantly in appearance. For example, you'll see some black-and-white designs that feature zig-zag patterns, while others may have a pattern of various shapes in these two shades. Some geometric carpets are textured, which can give a lush and three-dimensional feel. Learn more about black and white carpets and check out some different samples by visiting a carpet store in your area such as McSwain Carpets and Floors.