Things To Compare When Shopping For Tiles At A Tile Flooring Store

28 March 2023
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Before you go to a tile flooring store to shop for new tile, take time to consider the type of tile you need. Looks are important, but so is durability. You need tiles that stand up to the type of traffic it will see daily. You'll want to think about the traffic the room gets, if the tile needs to be non-slippery, the size of the tiles, and the shape. Here are some things to compare at the tile flooring store.

The Type Of Tile 

Tiles are made of different materials, but ceramic, porcelain, and stone are popular choices. Some porcelain tiles are made to look like natural stone and may be less expensive than real stone. In addition to the tile material, consider the shape and size.

Large tiles are popular for bathrooms and kitchens, but you can also choose smaller mosaic tiles. Keep in mind, mosaic tiles may be the most attractive, but they take longer to install since they're small. You can choose tiles made in nearly any geometric shape. These tiles can be placed against each other to create a unique design. You can get ideas for the tiles you want by looking over choices at a tile flooring store so you can see them in person.

The Durability Rating

You should only use tiles rated for floor use on the floor. Wall tiles may look similar, but they're thinner and lighter. These aren't suitable for use on a floor that receives foot traffic. Wall tiles usually have the lowest durability rating. If you want tiles for an entryway that gets a lot of traffic, then buy tiles with the highest durability rating.

The Porosity Rating

Some tiles are more porous than others. It's good to know the porosity rating if you want to install the tiles outside or in the bathroom. The ratings go from low density to extremely high. Porcelain tiles are usually extremely high-density tiles that are the least porous. When buying tiles for a bathroom or kitchen floor that could get wet, you'll also want to make sure it's slip-resistant.

The Color Or Pattern

Some tiles are natural stone with color veins flowing throughout. Others are manufactured tiles that have color pigments added. You can get rectangular tiles made to look like the color of wood planks. You can also get colorful mosaic tiles to create artistic designs.

Some tiles come with patterns already on them, or you can make your own patterns using different colored tiles. Tile colors change trends over the years, so if you're getting new tile flooring before you sell your home, you'll probably want a color that's currently popular rather than a color that looks outdated. A representative at the tile flooring store can help you choose a popular style for your floor.