Decisions To Make When You Choose A Mixed-Width Hardwood Floor

14 March 2023
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When you think about a hardwood floor, it's possible that you picture a floor in which each of the planks of wood is the same width. While this layout is very popular, there are other layouts for you to consider. Some people like the idea of what is commonly known as a mixed-width hardwood floor. This means that the planks that make up the floor vary in width. If you're interested in having a mixed-width hardwood floor somewhere in your home, your next step is to visit a flooring supply store to browse some samples. Here are some decisions to make as you proceed with this flooring type.

Number Of Widths

Perhaps the first thing for you to think about is how many different widths of hardwood planks you want to be represented in your floor. Some people find that using two widths can work well, while other homeowners favor three or more different widths. It's worthwhile to talk to a flooring installer to get their insight about what approach works best. Using an assortment of different widths can offer lots of visual appeal, but it may also create a busy look that you don't necessarily want in certain areas of your home. An experienced installer will likely be able to give you an idea of how many widths will work well for you.


If you're leaning toward a mixed-width hardwood floor, you'll either want to choose one specific type of wood that is available in multiple widths or perhaps entertain the idea of using a couple of wood types. The latter approach can create a vivid look that adds a lively feel to the room. Sticking with one wood type will often appear more sedate, which you might favor — especially in areas that you want to have a calm feel, such as your dining room.


It's also worthwhile to think about the areas in your home that can benefit from this unique type of flooring. Because it creates a lively look, you may want to consider it for areas that are a little bland. For example, if you have a long hallway that connects the front entrance of your home to the main living areas, you may feel that the hallway could benefit from looking livelier. Mixed-width hardwood flooring along the length of the hall can give this part of your home the look that you want.

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