Flooring For Hotel Lobbies: 4 Reasons To Choose Luxury Vinyl

15 December 2022
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Any hotelier worth the name knows that first impressions are vitally important, and your hotel's lobby is the first place your customers see. An attractive, inviting lobby is a vital component of any profitable hotel, and you should take great care to ensure that all of its decor and fittings are of the highest quality.

Choosing the right flooring for your hotel's lobby is especially important, and luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best options. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles have a number of unique advantages that make them perfectly suitable for any hotel lobby. Here are four reasons to choose luxury vinyl flooring for your hotel's lobby:

Attractive Looks

If you are looking for lobby flooring with a real wow factor, luxury vinyl flooring is hard to beat. Unlike basic vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring products are made from thick, multi-layered slabs of vinyl plastic, giving them a sturdy, hefty look and feel that screams quality.

Choosing luxury vinyl also gives you an unparalleled range of colors and designs to choose from, allowing you to pick a flooring product that perfectly complements the overall design scheme of your hotel. A wide variety of solid-color and patterned designs can be matched to any lobby. Traditional, floral patterns look perfect in historic hotels, while vibrant, abstract colors are ideal for modern lobbies.

Luxury vinyl flooring products are also available in designs that closely mimic the look of other luxury flooring materials. If you want the looks of hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles but don't want to deal with the disadvantages of the real thing, luxury vinyl is an extremely convincing substitute.

Excellent Durability

The lobby of a busy hotel will see thousands of customers in a year, many of whom will be dragging heavy luggage behind them. Your lobby flooring should therefore be able to withstand heavy foot traffic on a near-constant basis, and luxury vinyl planks and tiles are up to the challenge.

The individual layers of vinyl that are used to create luxury vinyl flooring are bonded together using intense heat, creating a product with excellent wear resistance and dimensional stability. Luxury vinyl flooring will not crack, crumble, or wear smooth when exposed to heavy foot traffic, and it can shrug off heavy impacts caused by dropped luggage and other mishaps.

Luxury vinyl flooring is also long-lasting and will not need to be replaced for many years. Planks or tiles in particularly high-traffic areas can be replaced individually without having to remove other sections of flooring.

Low Maintenance Requirements

The most beautiful lobby flooring won't impress your customers if it is dirty and poorly maintained. Keeping hardwood flooring or carpeting clean and neat can be a time-consuming challenge. Luxury vinyl flooring is much more forgiving.

When properly installed by a luxury vinyl flooring installation service, luxury vinyl planks and tiles are completely waterproof, with no gaps between individual tiles or planks. This allows them to shrug off liquid spills without staining and stops dirt from becoming ingrained. A mop and a mild detergent are all you will need to keep your lobby flooring looking brand new for years to come.

Cost Effective

Despite all these advantages, luxury vinyl flooring products are surprisingly economical. They are considerably cheaper than many types of flooring made from stone, hardwoods, or coated concrete and are often cheaper when purchased in bulk. This makes luxury vinyl flooring a particularly cost-effective choice for larger lobbies.

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