Revitalizing Your Hardwood Floors By Refinishing Them

10 November 2022
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If your hardwood floors have started to suffer visible signs of wear or become discolored, resurfacing them can be an option for fully restoring the look of these floors. While resurfacing the hardwood floors can be an extremely effective solution for addressing these problems, it will be a major undertaking, and homeowners will need to be properly prepared for this task.

Thoroughly Clean The Floors Before Deciding To Resurface

Before you decide to invest in restoring the floors through resurfacing, you should spend some time thoroughly washing them. This will allow you to remove much of the dirt, grime and stains that may lead you to believe that resurfacing is necessary. In addition to routine cleaning, you may want to invest in products that are designed for deep cleaning wooden floors. These products can reach deeper into the small pores and crevices of the wood to lift out pigments that may be present.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Contractors May Use Low-Dust Equipment

In order to resurface the hardwood, the contractors will have to thoroughly sand the surface of the wood. This will remove any surface scratches or stains that may be present. However, individuals may be worried about the amount of dust that this work could produce and spread throughout the home's interior. Luckily, this is not a particularly serious problem due to the fact that a professional flooring contractor will be able to use equipment that is designed to limit the amount of dust that is produced. These systems may work by using a small amount of moisture to help prevent dust from becoming airborne. Additionally, these tools may have powerful vacuums that can capture most of the dust that would have otherwise escaped.

Refinishing The Hardwood Floors Can Allow You To Update The Stain That Is Applied To It

Resurfacing your hardwood floors can give you a chance to fully restore the look of the floors, but it can also allow you to make changes to them. In particular, it is a common decision for individuals to update the stain that is applied to the flooring. For example, some individuals may wish to use a lighter or darker stain on their floors. Additionally, they may even prefer an entirely different color for the stain that is applied. While it is possible to choose a new stain for your floors as part of the resurfacing process, you will want to be thoughtful when reviewing potential colors to make sure that you choose one that will look good in your home. To this end, you may want to request samples of the stain so that you can see the color in person.

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