Considerations For Homeowners Buying Ceramic Tile

27 September 2022
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One way to increase the value of your home and update its look is by installing ceramic tile floors. However, if you want to love the new floors for years into the future, then you have a lot to consider before deciding which tiles to purchase.

Some of the most important considerations are the following.

Your Ceramic Tile Installation Budget

Before meeting with a flooring contractor or shopping for tile, first, you need a budget. You need to know exactly how much money you can spend on the new tile floors.

Your budgeted number needs to account not only for the tile itself but also for the other ceramic tile products required for installation and the installation cost.

Consider Buying In-Stock Tile

Design and home improvement centers that sell ceramic floor tiles often have various amounts of different styles and colors in stock. 

If you can purchase an in-stock tile design, it will save both time and stress. While custom-ordered tile can get lost or damaged in shipment, in-stock tile is already available for installation without any delays or damage concerns. 

Additionally, in-stock tile can sometimes come with a nice discount if it has been in the warehouse for a while. 

Glazed Ceramic Tiles are Necessary for Water-Exposure Areas

Ceramic tiles can be glazed or unglazed. While both are water-resistant, only glazed ceramic tiles are waterproof.

For this reason, you should never use unglazed tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms where they will be repeatedly subjected to moisture.

Ceramic Floor Tiles Must be Appropriately Sized for the Room 

One of the most important aspects of picking out floor tile is that it must be the right size in proportion to the room.

For example, installing very large tiles on a small bathroom floor will look out of proportion. Similarly, installing a small penny tile design in a large living room will look out of proportion with the large space.

Skip the Trendy Tiles

When it comes to investing in floor tile, think seriously about the floor's longevity. The tile will potentially be installed in your home for decades. Will the tile still look nice in a decade or two when design trends change? 

This is very important because the last thing you want is to find your "new" floor looks dated in just a few years. 

Professional Flooring Installation is Required

Ceramic tile flooring requires an experienced flooring installer. While installing a simple tile backsplash or bathroom counter is a fun DIY project, installing tile on an entire floor is best done by a professional. For more information, contact a company like North State Tile Design Center.