Where Should You Put New Wood Floors In Your Home?

1 August 2022
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If you are thinking of doing a wood floor installation in your home, then you need to know where the wood floors you get should go. Not every room should have wood floors because some rooms are more humid or prone to water exposure than others. This is why it's not common to see wood or carpet in bathrooms or laundry areas.

Knowing where to have your wood floor installation done will help you not only let your wood floors last longer, it will allow you to enjoy the placement of your wood floors in the first place. When buying wood floors, remember that hardness matters; the harder the floors, the less likely they are to encounter scratches, dents, and more. Here are things to consider when doing a wood floor installation in your home.

Areas where there is high traffic

Areas that get high traffic—such as living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and entryways—can have a wood floor installation done in them, but you want to use something other than pine for these floors. Consider oak or another hardwood flooring material, even if it's more expensive at the onset. The floors will last longer and look newer longer as well. You should consider staining any wood floors you put in high traffic areas a darker color so they don't stain as easily from use, although darker floors may also show dirt and hair more if you have pets.

Areas you want to be impressive

There's nothing wrong with putting tile or classic vinyl floors in some rooms, carpet in others, and wood floors in the rooms you value most. Your living room floor can be a beautiful dark or honeyed wood color, your hallways carpeted, then have a wood floor installation done in your master bedroom or other main rooms. A wood floor installation should always be done in rooms where the wood can be appreciated and cared for—wood will fade if exposed to constant sun, for example. Have a professional install your wood floors so they last a long time and also look great at the same time.

What makes a wood floor installation great is how much it instantly brightens up and glamorizes a space. If you want to give any area of your home a more modern appeal, consider classic wood flooring. You may not want to put wood floors in every room of the house as it's not very practical, but if installed correctly, your new wood flooring can be very welcoming.

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