Steps to Polish Your Concrete Floor

22 July 2022
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Polished concrete is a popular floor covering that is found in commercial buildings. The polishing process is similar to sanding a wood surface, though naturally there are some differences. If you need to have some concrete polished, here are a few things you should know:

The Polishing Process

A sanding machine is used to polish concrete. This application is performed after the concrete has been poured and has had time to cure. A polishing machine will require the use of polishing sheets made with diamond grit materials which are spun repeatedly across the floor's surface to increase the shininess and smoothness of the concrete. These sheets will feel similar to sandpaper. To acquire a sleek surface, a floor technician may start with a coarse diamond sheet and gradually switch to using sheets that contain a finer texture.

The grit number of the sheets indicates their coarseness, which will determine how smooth the concrete will be after the polishing process. When shopping for concrete polishing services, you may find a store where a floor technician will show you some polished concrete examples. Depending on which level of smoothness that you would like for the floor, the technician will select sheets with the appropriate grit numbers for that level of polish. 

Custom Options

A polished floor that has been dyed a distinct color can greatly enhance the way a commercial business looks. Wet concrete will be dyed before being poured over a subfloor. Some floors will have aggregates added to the basic concrete. Aggregates are small rocks, gravel, or other materials that are used to add definition to a floor. The aggregates will be visible along the surface of the floor. If a polishing technique is used to provide a concrete floor with a smooth surface, the aggregates will not jut out from the flooring.  A commercial floor that contains aggregates will look much different than a plain concrete floor that is a gray color.

Cleaning Processes

One of the reasons that people prefer polished concrete is due to how easy it is to maintain this type of floor covering. Cleaning smooth, polished concrete doesn't require specialized floor cleaning tools. Dirt and other substances can simply be swept up. A concrete floor that does not contain any seams makes it easy to get all the dirt without any sticking in crevices. A common mopping cleaning product can be used when mopping stained parts of a floor. 


Polished concrete may require subsequent sanding processes, depending on the traffic experienced by the floor. A flooring contractor can advise a client on when to have their floor inspected and polished. The same polishing techniques will be used during each concrete polishing session. To prepare for each floor treatment, a customer should remove loose items from the concrete surface.

If you are interested in having a concrete floor installed or polished, contact a contractor that offers concrete flooring services, like Elite-Concrete Floors