You Just Bought A Home: Do You Need Floor Refinishing?

1 July 2022
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You just bought a house and it has hardwood, porcelain, linoleum, or other styles of flooring that aren't carpet. Any type of flooring eventually needs to be replaced, cleaned, or refinished, but it's hard to tell when floor refinishing is necessary if you're new to any type of hard surface flooring.

Areas of high traffic will need floor refinishing most. Areas to check include hallways, in front of doorways, main entrances, and the living room. Here are some signs that you need floor refinishing. 

Your hardwood looks cloudy or milky

When hardwood needs floor refinishing, it can start to look cloudy, flat, dull, or milky. You may also notice some areas of the floor feel rough and others feel bumpy or slightly ridged and more smooth. Floor refinishing becomes necessary when hardwood starts to wear out in some areas, usually high traffic locations start looking cloudy or dull because its current finish is also old and dull or turning yellow.

Your natural stone floors are scratched or bumpy

Natural stone floors are often finished because most natural stone is porous and can absorb liquid and stains. The finishing process also makes these floors shinier and smoother as well. When natural stone floors start to get all scratched and bumpy, it's time to call a floor refinishing specialist. It's also wise to call a floor refinishing specialist if you have natural stone floors with grout because worn grout can get bacteria and mold in it and can wear away as well. Reseal floors that are starting to show signs of wear so your new home can keep their beautiful condition longer.

Your floors look visibly stained or scratched

If the home you just bought hasn't been taken care of well for a while and the carpets are stained and need to be cleaned, then the harder floors will likely need refinishing as well. Have floor refinishing done on any floors that have scratches, deep indents, stains, or other blemishes. The floor refinishing process involves removing the blemished areas or polishing them well, then resealing the floors for years of healthy use.

Floor refinishing costs vary depending on what you're having done, the type of floors you're having treated, how much square footage your flooring covers, and other factors. Get a consult from a floor install and refinishing specialist, then schedule your floor refinishing project prior to moving into your new home, if possible.

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