Residential Custom Bathroom Floor Remodel Ideas For Studio Apartments

21 June 2022
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A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Often, people will wonder where to start with a remodeling project. Well, flooring is one of the best places to attend to first. It's cheaper to replace old flooring than it is to tear out and install a new shower or tub, and often times a new floor will completely change the look of a bathroom and make it look brand new.

So, you will get a much bigger visual impact for a lower cost.  And if you're working on a studio apartment bathroom remodel, then you will have a small surface area to work with, so it will be a very cost-effective way to get a completely new-looking bathroom for a fraction of the cost of replacing sinks or tubs.

Start From Scratch: Demo Work Comes First

As every remodeling expert will tell you, it's better to tear out the old floor instead of trying to lay new tile over the old tile. If you try and place a new flooring directly over the old flooring material, then you will end up with an uneven surface, and cracks and other issues will arise. So, it makes sense to completely tear out the old flooring in the bathroom and remove any grouting and underlayment and start with a fresh surface to work with.

Choose Your Material: Tile, Vinyl, Waterproof Wood

The next step is to choose the material for your new floor. You might want to use the same material that was originally in the bathroom, or you might want new material. Here's a brief overview of your options.


Tile flooring is the most popular for bathrooms. The reason that so many people like using tile for their bathrooms is that it's durable, waterproof, and versatile. You can get small mosaic tile or large square tiles. And the tiles can be glazed in any color or design. It's the number one option for people when they are renovating their bathroom.


This is a less expensive option than tile. It's also easier to install when compared to tile. There is no grouting involved. Tile is attached using an adhesive. The only downside to using vinyl is that it's not as durable as tile and will not last as long.

Waterproof Wood

Technically, there is no such thing as waterproof wood. The wood that is advertised as waterproof is likely either pressure-treated wood or else a wood that is designed to be more water and humidity-resistant (cedar or teak, for instance). The people who use wood on the bathroom floor are doing so because it fits a very particular look — such as a rustic cabin or country cottage. It's not advisable for most bathroom floors  

Set Aside a Time For The Work To Be Done

Finally, once you've decided upon a flooring material, the next step is to set aside a time for the work to be done. You should not try and rush the flooring and bathroom remodeling process. When work is rushed, that is when mistakes happen. So, take your time and set aside at least a week for the work to be done. It's a good idea to make arrangements to stay elsewhere during this time period so that you have access to a bathroom and shower and don't feel inconvenienced.

Contact a residential bathroom remodel service for more information.