Is Your Wood Floor In Need Of Refinishing? 3 Signs That Point To Yes

24 May 2022
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Many homeowners choose to install hardwood floors in their homes because of the fact that these floors can be refinished in order to restore their beauty and allow them to last for many years without the need for replacement. Unfortunately, while many homeowners are well aware of this benefit, many of these same homeowners are unsure of how to tell when they are in need of wood floor refinishing services. If you have found yourself in this same situation, you should know that there are three signs that can help you easily identify when your wood floor needs to be refinished. You can learn more about these three signs below.

Sign #1: Your Wood Floor Is Gray In Color

Many people believe that a fading or gray color is the result of aging when it comes to hardwood floors. In fact, there are even those individuals who believe this patina gives hardwood floors extra charm or character. However, the truth is that a hardwood floor that has begun to fade or turn gray in color is actually suffering from damage. This is because hardwood floors begin to change color as the seal on the surface of the wood wears off and the floor is exposed to moisture damage. If your wood floor is no longer the same color it was when it was first installed, this is a sure sign that your floor needs to be refinished. 

Sign #2: You Get Splinters In Your Feet When Walking Barefoot

If wood floorboards are left unsealed for an extended period of time, these floorboards will begin to crack and splinter. This can make walking barefoot on your floors rather uncomfortable and can result in wood splinters getting stuck in your feet. If you find that you have to wear shoes or slippers in the house in order to protect your feet from splinters, you are most certainly in need of wood floor refinishing services. 

Sign #3: You Have Scratches Over A Large Portion Of Your Floor

Scratches are just a part of life when choosing to install hardwood floors in your home. However, most scratches will be minor and very localized. This type of common scratches can be easily repaired without the need to refinish your entire floor. However, over time hardwood floors may develop more widespread scratches as a result of dirt and debris that is tracked on the bottom of your shoes. If you have scratches over a large portion of your floor, having your floors refinished will be the most effective way to restore the beauty of your hardwoods.  

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