Questions To Ask Your Commercial Flooring Contractor

28 April 2022
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Installing the right floor in your commercial building can improve your building's functionality and aesthetics. Nonetheless, you need a commercial flooring company to take charge of your flooring project for the best outcome. But, the market has numerous flooring companies available, and choosing the ideal one may be challenging. In this regard, you need to vet your potential commercial flooring contractor by asking relevant questions. If you're searching for commercial flooring services, here are vital questions to ask your potential company.

What Flooring Solutions Do You Offer?

You probably have done your research well and have identified an ideal floor for your business. However, getting professional advice is vital to making the best flooring decisions. Hence, find out the types of flooring solutions your flooring contractor offers. Different commercial floor types are available, including:

  • Hardwood floors. These floors come from trees like oak, hickory, and maple. The floors are resistant to damage and can withstand heavy traffic. Also, hardwood floors have a long lifespan.
  • Epoxy flooring. Commercial epoxy flooring services usually coat concrete floors with an epoxy coating which hardens and forms a smooth and durable floor. Epoxy floors are easy to clean, damage-resistant, and anti-slip.
  • Polished concrete. A polished concrete floor is an excellent choice of commercial flooring due to concrete's durability. Also, polished concrete is attractive and easy to maintain. Besides, concrete floors are resistant to mold growth and water damage.

Find out the floor types your preferred commercial flooring services offer to select the perfect floor for your business.

What Flooring Services Do You Offer?

Commercial flooring services should provide a range of services including floor installation, cleaning, repair, and replacement services. This helps you avoid the hustle of searching for a new company every time you require an additional flooring service. Therefore, investigate the services that your flooring company offers to ensure convenience.

How Much Does Your Flooring Service Cost?

Before hiring commercial flooring services, inquire about their charges. Ideally, you want to work with an affordable flooring company whose charges match your budget. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the costs may vary depending on the floor size, type, and the service you require. For instance, floor installation and replacement jobs may cost more than simple repairs. Additionally, installing a hardwood floor may cost more than a tile floor. Therefore, get quotes from different companies and compare them to identify the most affordable flooring service.

The questions to ask your potential commercial flooring services should address the flooring types and services they offer and the service charges. Ask these questions to identify the ideal flooring service for your business. 

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