Installing Hardwood Floors: Choosing The Best Options For Wood Floors For Your Home

20 October 2021
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Choosing hardwood flooring can be a difficult decision. There are multiple options for wood floors, each with different pros and cons. Therefore, it is necessary to first decide the best wood flooring type for your home before discussing installation methods. You also have options for finishes and other things that can be done when installing new hardwood flooring in your home. The following wood flooring guide will help you choose the best materials and options for the installation.

Types of Wood Flooring

When you think about wood flooring, one of the first things that you might think of is hardwood—but there are more options. Other types of wood flooring materials include softwoods like pine, engineered wood floors, and even bamboo. Each of these different types of wood flooring materials has specific benefits depending on their application. For example, you might want to install bamboo for a modern green look or use pine planks for a more rustic look. If you want luxury floors, real hardwood and engineered wood floors are the best options.

Wood Flooring for Different Areas

Different types of wood flooring materials will work better for the different areas of your home. First, consider the high-traffic areas and use materials like natural hardwood, which will be more resistant to wear and damage. In areas like living rooms, you might want to consider engineered wood floors with padding beneath them. The padding beneath engineered wood floors makes them more comfortable and helps to improve the efficiency of your home. You also have options for installing wood floors, which can be installed in custom patterns or include borders in different rooms.

Choosing the Right Wood Floor Finishes

When you are installing new wood floors, the finishes that are used are also important. If you are installing materials like engineered floors, they come already finished but are available in a variety of different finishes. When you are installing natural wood flooring, you have more options for the custom finishes that can be done to the floors after installation. Consider floor finishes that create a contrast with other interior finishes. If you have dark furniture or cabinetry, lighter hardwood flooring finishes will create the contrast you are looking for. Lighter hardwood finishes also help brighten up space and make your home look more open.

The right wood flooring design will give your floors a brand new look. Contact a wood flooring specialist to discuss some of these options for your new wood floors.