4 Advantages Of Laminate Flooring For Commercial Premises

18 October 2021
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Floors in commercial premises see heavy frictional contact, especially in areas like the lobbies and office hallways. You need flooring that can withstand this high contact and other abuse, such as spilled liquids. For image purposes, the floor must be easy to clean and withstand frequent cleaning sessions. Laminate flooring works well for commercial premises because it matches many of these qualities. What advantages does it offer for commercial flooring?

1. Ease of Installation

If you are changing the flooring for a whole office block, you want to do it fast to avoid inconveniencing your tenants and their customers. Laminate flooring offers a quick solution because it comes with interlocking panels, making it easy to install.

Unlike other types of flooring that require nailing, stapling, or gluing, laminate flooring can float over the existing floor. With a professional flooring service, the floating floor can look just as good as nailed or stapled flooring.

2. Affordability

Every investment made in commercial premises must be made considering the return on investment (ROI). Laminate flooring is affordable compared to other types of flooring, and it often has a quicker ROI.

The ease of installation also contributes to affordability because the flooring service will be on the job for fewer days. However, the affordability doesn't translate to lower visual appeal. On the contrary, laminate flooring can mimic the looks of more expensive flooring very well, such that people in a hurry do not easily distinguish it.

3. Easy Maintenance

High-traffic areas in commercial premises, like the lobby, need frequent cleaning, especially during the rainy season. Laminate floors are easy to keep clean because they don't stain as easily. The waterproof surface keeps liquids on the surface, and they can be easily wiped off.

Laminate flooring also does not fade from frequent washing cycles. The surface is resistant to friction and corrosion, making it keep its color for a longer time. It does not need refinishing or resealing to keep it looking good.

4. Hygienic

The smooth, polished surface of laminate flooring makes it hard to trap dust, debris, and hair fibers. It makes it suitable for commercial premises where all kinds of people come in, including people with respiratory allergies. Everyone is more comfortable with a hypoallergenic floor.

Non-porosity also means laminate flooring does not encourage the organic growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold. It keeps the floor sanitary, even in areas that are often overlooked during the cleaning process.

Are you looking for a suitable flooring material to revamp the look of your commercial premises? Talk to a flooring service about laminate flooring ideas for your office.