Quartz Flooring And Countertops

12 October 2021
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A durable material that is resistant to scratches and spills and that is constructed of natural materials will make an impact on how your employees and customers perceive your company's atmosphere. Add quartz flooring and countertops to a reception area, a boardroom, hallways, or other areas where staff members and clients congregate regularly.

Quartz Attributes

Quartz is constructed of quartz sand and calcium carbonate. It is one of the hardest materials on earth. The natural properties of this mineral allow for the installation of a custom floor covering or countertop that will not require a sealant to be added to it. Quartz provides a slip-resistant surface that can maintain the weight of foot traffic, furnishings, appliances, and more. 

Flooring And Countertop Options

An epoxy floor system that contains dual components may feature a cement base and flecks of quartz that are mixed into the main material. Quartz pieces are used as an aggregate for this type of flooring. The quartz pieces will add specks of shimmering light that will play off of the cement. The addition of an aggregate will improve the traction of flooring.

Quartz tiles consist of individual slabs of quartz that are aligned next to one another. Quartz tiles will not crack under pressure and can be used in a formal or informal setting that will endure heavy loads on a daily basis. Quartz counters include solid slabs that are secured to a countertop base and quartz tiles that are secured to a base.

Colors And Textures

Quartz flooring and countertop colors vary. A specific hue or color depth is a result of how many other minerals are present. Pure quartz consists solely of quartz sand and calcium carbonate. This material is clear in color. Other minerals that are mixed into quartz are considered impurities. Impurities may give a piece of quartz a distinct green, purple, black, pink, or yellow color. Virtually every color of the rainbow is featured with quartz pieces, and some quartz products may be lighter or darker shades than others.

A sanding process is used to finish flooring and countertops that are constructed of quartz. A matte finish will absorb light and a polished finish will reflect light. Speak to your flooring and countertop contractor about how the quart materials will be utilized in your business and the color and texture that you want each surface to possess. Sample various products and finishes prior to selecting the materials that will be installed within your commercial building.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for quartz countertops.