4 Signs It Is Time To Schedule Hardwood Flooring Restoration

1 October 2021
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Do you remember when you first installed your hardwood tiles? They gave your home a huge facelift and made cleaning easy. However, over time, the hardwood flooring can lose its luster and shine. If this is the case, you might wonder if there's a way to restore its initial status and looks without replacing the entire floor. Luckily, hardwood flooring restoration services can help you restore your floor. So watch out for these signs to know when to schedule an appointment for the restoration project.

1. Deep and Enormous Scratches

Your hardwood tiles are likely to pick up a few scratches over time. For example, scratches could develop when you drag furniture to vacuum the covered space or when the kids accidentally leave deep marks when playing with their toys.

If the scratches are too deep, ugly, and heavily spread throughout the tiles that covering them with a rug will not do justice, you need an appointment with the restoration experts. They will sand the affected areas down and stain the floor to redeem it.

2. Curling Cupping Edges

Like roof tiles, your hardwood flooring may have curling or cupping edges. Take a look at the edges of your hardwood tiles; do they bend inwards or outwards? You might want to address the issue immediately.

Curling or cupping tiles are signs of water damage or the presence of high humidity. The moisture interferes with the elements of the tile, forcing it to lose its integrity. Therefore, you might need to replace the affected tiles carefully to avoid distorting the rest of the flooring.

3. Discoloration

It is not hard to notice a change in color on your hardwood floors. New tiles have vibrant colors and a distinguishable shine. However, they tend to lose their luster when exposed to spills, water, chemicals, and UV rays. Normal aging and wear and tear may also lead to discoloration.

You can redeem the lost colors and shine by reaching out to specialists to restore the hardwood flooring. In addition, new stain applications can extend the floor's lifespan.

4. Change in Texture

What do you feel when you pass your bare foot over the floor? Hardwood floors are often polished to reveal a smooth and safe upper layer. However, when you feel the flooring getting rougher by the day, it's time to restore it. You may also notice splinters that indicate the sealant is worn out, uncovering raw wood. Consider asking the professionals to refinish the hardwood floor to restore the desired look.

Have you encountered any of these signs above? If yes, your flooring needs restoration services to prolong its useful life and avoid further damage. Therefore, schedule a professional restoration service immediately for quality services.