Decisions To Make When You Choose A Mixed-Width Hardwood Floor

14 March 2023
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When you think about a hardwood floor, it's possible that you picture a floor in which each of the planks of wood is the same width. While this layout is very popular, there are other layouts for you to consider. Some people like the idea of what is commonly known as a mixed-width hardwood floor. This means that the planks that make up the floor vary in width. If you're interested in having a mixed-width hardwood floor somewhere in your home, your next step is to visit a flooring supply store to browse some samples. Read More 

Common Carpet Assumptions To Avoid

1 March 2023
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Despite its popularity, many assumptions about residential carpeting persist. These assumptions can lead to you having a mistaken idea about what to expect from this flooring option. Assumption: Carpet Lowers The Air Quality In Your Home Your health and comfort depend on having good air quality in your home. Air quality issues can particularly impact those with allergies or respiratory problems. However, a prevalent assumption about installing residential carpeting is that it negatively impacts indoor air quality. Read More 

3 Black-And-White Carpet Designs

15 February 2023
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While a lot of people look for carpet for their homes in bright, colorful hues, others favor the simple look of black and white. If you decorate a certain room in your home in these two shades, you may feel that black and white carpet is the perfect choice for the space. Visit a carpet retailer in your area to begin browsing its products. Lots of carpet stores carry a wide range of black and white carpets, allowing you to find the look that will work well in your room. Read More 

The Flooring Industry Is Booming: Learn How To Get In On The Action

1 February 2023
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The flooring industry is one that is constantly growing and evolving, with new technologies and products being developed all the time. If you're looking to start a new career, or if you're already in the flooring industry and looking for ways to advance, then now is a great time to take a closer look at the many flooring career opportunities that are available. Unlike other industries where automation and technology are making human workers obsolete, the flooring industry is absolutely booming and provides great opportunities for advancement. Read More 

A Look At Restoring Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors

19 January 2023
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If a pipe leaks in your home or something else causes water damage, it's important to dry your hardwood floor out quickly to reduce the amount of damage it sustains. You may need the help of a professional to get your floor dry fast and then repair the damage. Your floor may need to be resurfaced to restore its appearance. Here are some steps involved in resurfacing water-damaged hardwood floors. Read More